Herbal remedies using Turmeric (haldi)

Before the advent of modern times, women mostly spent their time in the kitchen, and it is here they learnt many a useful remedy using the ingredients found commonly in their kitchen. I would like to take up the magic cures of Haldi or turmeric.

If you can get your hands on a raw tuber of turmeric/ haldi, the one which is not treated and dried. It is a magical cure for extra body hair, but the hitch is that it only works wonders on the tender skin of babies only. It can also be used on infants/ toddlers but it will show decreased results.

Method of use: Crush the tuber in the pestle till it becomes a fine paste. Now rub it on the baby’s body, where you find extra growth of hair.

Precautions: This should be done before giving baby its bath. Be careful while taking the baby out in the sun, as turmeric/haldi causes a lot of tanning. Turmeric/ haldi also stains, so be careful as your hands, cloths al can get  stained. Best method of removing turmeric/ haldi stains from clothes is by scrubbing the stain with  detergent soap. When the stain turns red then hang it out in the sun, the stain will vanish or at the most will get very light it – in this case repeat the procedure again.

Results: It is sufficient to be crush about an inch of tuber and the results are visible within a week. You will see patches of hairless skin. Continue to apply crushed tubers for another week or so, then discontinue the use. Applying turmeric has another benefit, the skin becomes very soft and remains so even when the baby grows up to be a child (I have applied this remedy on my son. He is now 12 and still has a baby soft skin, unlike his sister)

to be continued……..


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