Turmeric has antiseptic properties and is a subject of lot of research. It can be used as an antiseptic in small injuries, cut, small skin infections.

Method of use: Take the powdered turmeric/haldi and press it on the wound. It will stop the flow of blood and good thing is that healing with turmeric is quick and does not leave a scar (or maybe just a tiny one!). I want to a use of sugar here. When young children are around, injuries big or small hover nearby. If a young one gets hurt in the mouth and bleeding starts, you can immediately calm the child by giving him/her a spoonful of sugar. This will not only pacify, but will also stop the bleeding and minimises the pain. Why this happen I am not very sure, but probably its the sulphur which acts in either constricting the blood vessels. You maybe getting sulphur free sugar, but in case of emergency, this is quite handy.

Another use of turmeric is as a natural insect repellent in the house, the creepy crawly ones (don’t know whether it works on cockroaches, though)

Method of use: Sprinkle a bit of powder on and around the hole from where they come crawling out. You can also draw a line of turmeric powder near the door. Idea behind this is that insects won’t cross the turmeric, so you can use it where ever you what to stop the insect from going. Turmeric does not kill but acts as a deterrent to the insects.

Turmeric is known to cure problems related to women ( e.g. hard to cure vaginal infections) and can be used as a natural contraceptive when used in a particular way.

Method of use: Take half a teaspoonful of powdered turmeric with lukewarm to warm milk first thing in the morning (that is, on empty stomach – this is very important). Take this for about a month, then stop. Be careful to not make it a habit, as turmeric can cause hair loss if taken for a longer time. For contraceptive purpose women should take it from the 2nd day of their periods (I am not 100% sure of this though!).

Turmeric can also be used in beauty treatment of pimples/acne.

Method of use: Take a spoonful each of sandalwood powder and gram flour, a pinch of turmeric, 1/2 a spoon of lemon juice and mix with raw (not boiled) milk and make a paste. Apply on the face. let it dry. Then wash with water.

Results: For best results apply before taking bath. It would be better if use of soap on the face is discontinued while using this face mask.

Precautions: Use only a pinch of turmeric, as using amounts larger than a pinch may lead to tanning.

Information provided on this site should not be taken as a substitute of professional medical diagnosis or treatment.

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