Natural insect repellents

Non chemical insect repellents:

  •  Method of Use: If you can get kerosene oil in your area. Use 5 – 10 ml of it in a bucketful of water and use this water for mopping.

Precaution: Use kerosene judiciously as it can be quite smelly. So when every one is gone (that is, when kids are gone to school and spouse to office!) use it then.

  • Moths balls are commonly used in cupboards, clothes etc to stop insects like silver fish from infested these. This however, is quite smelly and the fumes of moth balls also pose a health hazard. A better and a natural option is to use dried Neem (Azadirachta indica) leaves in place of moth balls.

Method of Use: Dry the Neem leaves individually or along with the branches broken off from the tree. You can dry these on a some cloth or on sheets of paper (newspaper sheets will also do).  Dry leaves in bright sun for best results. When they are properly dried, put them on the bottom of chests, cupboards, books etc.  These leaves can also be used in food items which get infested with pests, such as rice, pulses.

Change these leaves after 4 – 5 months.

 Precaution: The leaves should be properly dried and crisp, any moisture left can lead to fungal growth.

  • Salt: This is another item from your kitchen which can be used as a natural insect repellent especially in your whole grain food items.

Method of Use: If you can get salt in form of lumps, that would be the best. Sprinkle about 1 tablespoon in 1Kg of pulses, rice etc. You can sieve the salt from the food item when you want to use that food stuff and sprinkle the sieved salt back in the container.

 Precaution: Don’t use salt in powdered food items as it will be difficult to separate the two when the that food item has


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