Garlic (Lassan, Hindi)

Garlic (Lassan, Hindi)

  • A single flake of garlic taken first thing in the morning, ie on an empty stomach, is a good cure for flatulence and is also recommended for patients suffering from heart-related ailments.
  • A single flake of garlic coated with some sweetener can be given to tick-infested dogs to get rid of the ticks.
  • Burn a few cloves of garlic in mustard oil. Let the oil cool down, then filter out the burnt cloves and use this oil for massaging infants to protect them from many infections of the skin, prevent catching cold etc. even adults can massage this oil above their brows if they have a running nose. The only precaution  is to keep warm after the massage and it is better to lie down. The best time to massage is before going to bed at night. But be careful, mustard oil can sting. On babies, massage on the back and chest only and then cover up.




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